Counterfeit Mitigation

The semiconductor industry has been plagued by counterfeit parts since its inception. Manufacturing businesses and production lines need to stay vigilant to prevent loss of capital, lead times, and most of all: business.

Akiragi has incorporated a highly effective counterfeit mitigation methodology to ensure that clients receive original parts from the most authentic sources.

Strong Counterfeit Company Culture

Akiragi’s anti-counterfeit strategy is embedded within its company culture. Our experienced personnel and electronic component brokers ensure that no counterfeit component or part makes its way to any of our clients’ production and manufacturing lines.

We’re A Proud GIDEP Member

Counterfeit mitigation is a collaborative effort based on knowledge-sharing. We assist our clients to stay ahead of the game by keeping up-to-date with the latest trends in counterfeit component sourcing and use our membership of the GIDEP to steer clear of major con schemes.

Our Counterfeit Mitigation Practices At A Glance

Selecting Active Parts From Franchised Distributors

At Akiragi, we source niche parts and components from verified electronic component brokers in other regions to reduce the risk of counterfeit components entering our clients’ production lines

When it comes to obsolete parts, our excess materials programs policy allows helps us source them from manufacturers and supply chains that have strong counterfeit mitigation practices in place to secure our clients’ inventory investments.

Determining Originality By Assessing Component Prices

As a data-driven company, Akiragi has strong checks and balances in place that raise alarms when niche electronic components are being sold at abnormally high prices. Our systems automatically send us warning signals for us to monitor

Counterfeit Mitigation By Thorough Inspection

Akiragi is well-versed in the packaging, type, and quality of all niche components and parts. Our quality insurance team makes sure clients get original pieces by thoroughly examining parts sourced from various parts of the world.