Excess Management

Excess inventory management is crucial to maximising capital gains for production businesses.
Akiragi’s superior excess management services help businesses of all sizes resell excess
inventory items using our global network of distributors and electronic component brokers.

Challenges Met With Professional Solutions

Our years of experience in the industry allow us to carefully monitor our clients’ current business challenges like slow inventory lineups, unforeseen design modifications, customer returns and a general shift in standards, procedures and technology and craft solutions that allow them to have uninterrupted production.

Global Problems Require Global Solutions

Akiragi uses its sophisticated analytics platform to determine global production problems caused by supply chain disruptions, shortages, and component design changes and helps its clients carefully navigate the constantly changing landscape by using predictive financial models to maximize profits.

With our managed supply chain services, businesses of all shapes and sizes stay focused on staying competitive rather than worrying about inventory management. We assist our clients in making calculated decisions regarding inventory disposition by leveraging data analytics and our global market intelligence.

Maximizing Value, Maximizing Profits

We use advanced data analytics to understand supply chain and market trends to help our clients attain maximum value when it comes to recovery.

Clients get quick ROIs on excess inventory
Clients enjoy the maximum value recovery over a given period via Akiragi’s managed
supply chain services and real-time reporting
Akiragi also offers custom solutions for highly dynamic inventories and uses specific
methods to make supply chain processes more efficient
Turning Stock Surplus Into A Competitive Advantage
Akiragi determines the economic order quantity (EOQ) to help clients spend the right amount on equipment. By calculating total costs of production and demand rates, production businesses working with us end up with minimum costs of buying and holding inventory items.