Global sourcing

With our years of experience in supply chain management, we source electronic products globally via our vast network of electronic component brokers. With our seamless experience in sourcing niche electronic products, our customers enjoy flexibility and reliability when it comes to managing business operations of any size and scale.

Akiragi helps businesses run their operations at scale by using its reputed distribution network and market research and awareness to provide high-quality electronic components.

Distribution Networks That Scale

Akiragi’s ensures minimum disruption to production operations by leveraging its vast distribution network that scales as your business does. Our network of vendors and electronic component brokers provides us with real-time market insights that allow us to predict supply chain disruptions before they even happen.

With our services, our clients can focus on innovation and business development rather than worrying about electronic equipment shortages. Akiragi’s world-class value chain management helps businesses avoid descriptions in production by carefully sourcing, storing and delivering niche electronic products.

Competitive Market Awareness

At Akiragi, understanding our customers’ business operations and corporate goals is our number one priority. It helps us utilize our extensive market knowledge, experience and networks to predict events in global supply chains and formulate strategies that client businesses can use to adapt quickly.

We offer our clients accurate and up-to-date market knowledge when it comes to component sourcing which includes pricing, quality, and usage in production.

Data-Driven Supply Chain management

With over 3 decades of experience in supply chain management and market knowledge of all major component products, Akiragi uses the data it has collected over the years to accurately predict global trends and help our clients make calculated decisions related to production, storage and inventory management.

Akiragi ensures that all products are of sound quality by using data analytics to source them from carefully selected vendors and suppliers located all over the world, in order to help your business operations run smoothly.