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Discover Akira Global, your go-to source for all your parts needs. With our vast network of partners, there’s no part that Akira Global can’t locate for you. If the information you are looking for is not found on our product, please contact us via phone or email We will promptly provide you with a quote within 24 hours.
Industries We Serve

Our company proudly serves all OEM’s, Contract Manufacture’s and government agencies, regardless of their industry.

Akira Global sources high-quality electrical systems and hardware used for military manufacturing, repair
From batteries, parts, tools, suspensions, and electrical systems, we source it all. The automotive industry is
Akira Global is a specialist in sourcing and providing components for aircraft and helicopters. We ensure
Supply chain disruptions to the healthcare industry are very difficult to tolerate. Healthcare institutions and providers that partner with Akira Global enjoy seamless repair and…
Akira Global helps secure obsolete and end-of-life parts and components that most industrialists have a hard time finding. With an international network of distributors and supplier’s,…
Silicon chip shortages around the world are affecting both industrial consumer-grade product manufacturers and supply chains. Akira Global can help your business avoid….


Akira Global is a leading supplier of microwave components and systems for various industries. We have collaborated with multiple clients to deliver them innovative and cost-effective solutions for their complex needs.


Akira Global also offers a variety of maritime products & services for the naval & marine sectors. We have extensive experience in supplying and installing radar, sonar, communication, and navigation systems. ​
Akira Global also provides a range of test instruments and equipment for various purposes. Whether you need to measure, analyze, or calibrate your systems, we have the right tools for you. Our test instruments meet the highest standards
Who We Are ?

We are niche electronic component distributor. We locate and distribute hard-to-find, obsolete, and discontinued components to businesses to prevent disruptions in their production plans, ensuring predictability and prosperity.

We Believe in Delivering The Best

We Believe in Delivering The Best
Akira Global connects you with current, obsolete, and hard-to-find inventory world-wide! With global access to high-quality electronic components, we are equipped to help our customers meet their product deadlines..

Services We Offer

Akira’s clientele is a collection of diverse industries ranging from automobile to defense. We help our clients acquire a diverse range of niche products by navigating global supply and demand. With a strong understanding of the global supply network, Akira provides a range of services for its clients that bring reliability to otherwise unpredictable supply chains.

Global Sourcing

Timely Deliveries

Integrity, Unity,


Cost Reduction

Impeccable Customer Service

We Delivers The Best Quality.

Akira Global Inc. has a three-layered defense process that enables strong counterfeit avoidance mechanisms. In order to remove bias, each step is fully independent and relies on its own tests to determine the authenticity of electronic components and niche parts. Our superior counterfeit avoidance methodology ensures that no step in the testing process is aware of the outcomes of any other.

About Us

We are niche electronic component brokers. We locate and distribute hard-to-find, obsolete, and discontinued components to businesses to prevent disruptions in their production plans, ensuring predictability and prosperity. Akira Global Inc. manages a global inventory and a network of distributors that span all over the world. We have the technical knowledge and the tools to perform real-time analyses to assess the impact of supply chain disruptions to protect our clients.
Our Services

Akira Global Inc. was founded by industry experts who wanted to do something different for their clients. With its competitive pricing, honesty, and business transparency, the company soon found itself a key player in niche component sourcing and partnering with top electronic component partners

Global Sourcing

World-Wide Access to High-Quality Electronic Components.
Leverage the power of our comprehensive supply chain management services to revolutionize your business operations. With our extensive network of global sources strategically located all over the world, we can confidently optimize your production processes for enhanced efficiency and predictability.
Our team of skilled professionals are well versed in navigating the complexities of global supply chain networks. They possess a deep understanding of the intricacies involved in managing suppliers, logistics providers, and distributors across various regions.

Timely Deliveries

Setting the proper expectations to meet scheduled delivery times.
At Akira Global, we understand the critical importance of timely deliveries, especially when it comes to electronic components. We take pride in our commitment to ensuring that your orders are delivered precisely on the date you request, without any delay or premature delivery.
Our dedicated team continuously monitors the delivery process to ensure punctuality. From the moment your order is placed, we carefully plan and execute every step to meet your specified delivery date. We collaborate with trusted shipping partners renowned for their reliability and efficiency.

Integrity, Unity, Discipline

At the core of our business ethos lies a strong commitment to integrity and building professional relationships with our valued clients. We go beyond mere business contracts and strive to foster a sense of trust and mutual respect.
We firmly believe that the success of our clients is intertwined with our own, and as such, we prioritize the development of long-lasting professional relationships. Through open and transparent communication, we listen to our clients’ needs, providing tailored solutions that align with their goals and aspirations.


At Akira Global, we stand by our product! This is why we offer warranties for customer piece of mind.
At Akira Global, we proudly offer warranties on our electronic components, tailored to specific part numbers and clearly outlined on your quote. We understand that the reliability and durability of the components you purchase play a vital role in your projects and operations.
We stand behind the quality of our products and are committed to providing warranties that give you peace of mind. Our warranties are designed to cover any manufacturing defects or malfunctions that may arise during the specified warranty period.

Cost Reduction

Experience significant cost reductions in the electronic component market through our unique approach. By leveraging our partnerships with manufacturers, OEMs, and independent distributors, we can source hard-to-find parts or those in production but at excessively high prices.
With our assistance, you can access these components at discounted rates, resulting in substantial savings for your company.

Impeccable Customer Service

We understand manufacturing. We understand supply chain management. We understand electronics. We understand the niche product market. But most importantly, we understand you.
At Akira Global we ensure transparent communication with our clients. With timely updates and reports, businesses that work with Akiragi can reliably predict their production outputs, making them immune to unnecessary delays caused by international supply chain disruptions.
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